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Kathryn Interiors, is a full service interior design firm providing
residential and commercial interior design in Miami and south
Florida. We create design solutions that elevate the living
experience of our clients.
Kathryn’s design ethos is to positively affect the lives of
people through design. Which she does by using her 30 years
of design passion and experience to bear on every project.
Using her proprietary design processes Kathryn creates
personalized designs by astutely exploring your design DNA –
your unique personal style if you will, which becomes the
focus of every design decision. This is done while managing
the relationship between client desires, budgetary realities,
time constraints, and the myriad of factors involved in any
An interior design project is a journey built on trust,
communication, mutual understanding, and common goals.
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Kathryn Marsh - Interior Designer in Miami

Our designs go beyond just pretty spaces

At Kathryn Interiors, we create personal sanctuaries which elevate the living experience functionally and aesthetically within the home.

The company, co-founded by Kathryn and Peter Marsh is a family-owned residential interior design company. Our design ethos is to positively affect the lives of people through design.

We believe that the environment in which one lives has a physical and emotional effect on your daily living experience.

Design should establish a sense of well-being, belonging, and identity by creating a personal
connection between individuals and their homes. This in turn positively impacts their relationship
with the outside world. For us, interior design is a way of life.