Interior Design In Miami: Meet Your Team


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At Kathryn Interiors, we have been doing interior design in Miami for over 11 years. Among the key factors which contribute to our success are creative designs and a dedication to customer service. As a boutique interior design firm, we work closely with our clients delivering uniquely designed interiors. In the long run, it is all about having happy clients.

It is truly a team effort at Kathryn Interiors; we are a family company dedicated to good design. Each team member brings their own individual perspectives and skills, working as a unit to create the clients’ vision. The greatest compliment we get is when clients say that we have positively impacted their lives and the way they live in their homes.

Using our proprietary design process uncovers your design DNA – your unique style, if you will. You become the focus, putting you at the center of every design decision made that culminates with a space that is uniquely you. An interior design project is a journey built on trust, communication, mutual understanding, and common goals. Let us take that design journey with you.

Kathryn Marsh - Interior Designer in Miami

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