Interior Design In Miami: Services & Process

Unique design experiences for unique individuals

Interior Design in Miami


Our design services elevate your living experience and create a visceral connection between you and your home by engaging your senses and personal style. We provide Interior Design in Miami – distinguished by outstanding personalized design and an unsurpassed client experience.

Interior Design in Miami

Why choose us?

Our team has the skills and experience doing Interior Design in Miami and managing every aspect of your project, making the process efficient and enjoyable. We collaborate with you to produce a home tailor-made for you – because it is.

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Personalized service

Every project starts with you. When we understand your lifestyle, we are able to create the home in which you will love to live.

Unique Approach

Every single person is unique. That is why our proprietary process is designed to uncover personal style and color preferences to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing home for you.


We've been in the design industry for over 30 years. During that period, we've done it all. Our main goal is to create spaces that reflect your personality.


Each project comes with its own parameters. Therefore, we adapt our process to accommodate varying situations during the design.


The hallmark of everything we do is creativity. Helping you curate an environment that meets your needs, reflects your lifestyle and inspires you daily is our greatest passion and honor.

Our Process



Every design service we offer begins with a Design Discovery Meeting. We begin with a consultation where we start by getting to know you and your home in an in-depth meeting. Using our proprietary process of gathering information and analysis, we unearth your preferences and requirements for your space. Budget and time schedules are discussed.


We begin to formulate space allocation and layout ideas for furniture and equipment and the types of finishes to be used. Drawings and documents are prepared and finalized for your approval.


Once the design is completed, we will schedule a presentation meeting. We will go through the design in detail, room by room discussing all elements of the design. A detailed specification list outlining the cost of each item, anticipated lead times and any specifics of each that can affect the project will be available at this time.

Procurement & Oversight

This involves the oversight of work performed by trades as well as managing the purchasing, shipping, and delivery of furnishings. This is an integral part of the design process, and a significant amount of effort and time is devoted to managing this process.


This is where everything comes together. Construction is finished, furniture arrives, window treatments, accessories, and artwork are installed. The decorating is when the vision becomes a reality. During this phase, we will also do final accessorizing.


Final Punch out list. These are the things that need to be done at the end of the project. Items such as touching up paint or tracking down a missing item are all handled with the utmost urgency. We will do a room-by-room walk-through and itemize each and everything that needs to be addressed. Every item will be diligently addressed to your satisfaction.