Custom Furniture in Miami

Unique Custom Furniture

Kathryn Interiors designs custom furniture in Miami.  Each piece is a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted custom piece, exclusively curated and completely unique to each client. 

Custom Furniture Gallery

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At Kathryn Interiors, custom furniture is one of the many tools we use when creating our signature personalized designs. Most people believe that custom furniture is out of their reach in terms of  price and access, when in fact it can save you money, time and a lot of stress. With custom work, each piece is designed and made by hand to match the precise requirements of each client. No matter what the size or unique characteristics of a space, we can design custom furniture that is the perfect match to your décor. If you have an awkward or irregular space, custom furniture can be designed to work seamlessly and make a room function better.

High-End Custom Furniture in Miami

Custom equals variety and choice.

When we design custom furniture in Miami, we can adjust every detail. Every aspect of a custom furniture design can be personalized. We can help you select the shape, color, type of wood, and hardware among many other details. This can be of particular importance for example, when trying to integrate a new piece of furniture with existing pieces that have a specific design style. Utilizing custom designed furniture allows you to get exactly what you want. A perfect example is upholstering your sofa, you can select just about any fabric. The ability to customize details in a design is transformative and is often the difference between an exceptionally cohesive room and one that doesn’t quite come together. Each piece of custom furniture is unique, so no one else will have the same piece as you, it makes a definite statement about you and your personal style. 

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Custom Furniture Project: Custom Bed with Built-In Storage
Custom Furniture Project: Custom Dresser Desk

Custom Furniture: Materials


When making custom furniture in Miami the materials used are of a significantly higher quality than stock pieces and there is no substitute for the advantages of handmade workmanship.   For example, the quality of wood and construction techniques used will last years longer. Additionally, when the time comes for an update to your décor, reupholstery is a viable option with custom pieces saving you a significant amount.  Many clients are dismayed that they want to reupholster an existing sofa only to discover that the frame and fittings of their stock pieces require significant repairs at substantial cost. 

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Custom Furniture: Benefits

Solving décor problems

 As designers we love custom furniture in Miami, but we know it may not be the best choice for every occasion. Let’s discuss a couple of situations where custom furniture is the best option. The first scenario is a room that needs an entertainment unit for your living room that can house your TV and entertainment equipment, but have the TV disappear when not in use. This is the perfect time to have something designed exactly for that space and function. The second scenario is a room requiring storage for clothing and a desk. Having a custom piece designed that includes all of that seamlessly is far easier than going out and trying to find two separate pieces that can work together. So instead of spending time and effort searching, you have a custom piece made. The third scenario is having an awkward space that does not fit naturally with the rest of the room. Designing a custom piece that creates a focal point that is stylish and functional solves that problem.

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Our clients love what we do

Here is what our clients have to say about working with us.

Custom Furniture Project: Wine Room

Custom Furniture: Trends

Growing popularity

Trends such as downsizing, and telecommuting are two of the reasons adding to the growing popularity of custom furniture. Many people are finding the need to convert a part of the house into a home office without losing use of the space for other activities.  Custom furniture is one way to have your cake and eat it too. A great example is a room we designed to work as a fully functioning home office for two, a library, and a guest room for occasional visitors. To accomplish this a complete custom design was used. The office equipment was housed out of sight behind a wall panel of books and the desk workspaces could be closed off keeping things private when desired, and a zoom bed that stowed up behind the bookcase and out of sight when not in use was integrated into the room. This multifunctional custom furniture design permitted our clients to do so much more in a limited square footage. 

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Custom Furniture in Miami: Our Process

How we do it

When designing custom furniture in Miami, we utilize local craftsmen and artisans. This saves on markup and shipping costs, allowing us to invest more in the materials and craftsmanship of your custom furniture piece. Your purchase supports the local economy employing craftsmen and artisans in your community.  Custom furniture pieces are more environmentally friendly, as their inherent quality make them ideal for upcycling. The furniture is more durable, thus affording more years of happy use.

Custom Furniture Project: Custom Desk and Storage

Here are some of the items that can be custom-designed.  

  • Dining Tables 
  • End Tables
  • Accent Tables
  • Coffee Tables 
  • Dining Chairs
  • Occasional Chairs 
  • Sofas
  • Dressers
  • Sectionals 
  • Ottomans
  • Beds 
  • Built-in Bars
  • TV Units 
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Bathroom Cabinets 
  • Wine Rooms

Kathryn Interiors has years of experience, design expertise, creativity, and access to artisans and  a wide range of suppliers making us the perfect choice when it comes to designing custom furniture in Miami and for interior design. 

If you have an awkward space or need to make a room function better, custom furniture may be your answer.  Whether it’s a sofa, a built-in unit or need a unique piece we can design and guide you through the process. For your custom furniture in Miami and South Florida contact us through the link below or call us at (305) 814-2830 to book a free consultation.