Interior Design Trends 2022: 8 Ideas That You’ll Love

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If you are planning to renovate your home or want to know the new trends for this year in terms of interior design, this article is for you. Decor trends in 2022 will focus on sustainable homes with multifunctional spaces furnished with natural organic elements and influences from the seventies and nineties.

Take note of the following decoration tips because they will set the tone for interior design trends in 2022.

Rounded single sofa in beautiful and cozy living room next to bright window.
Espacio Hogar

1. Mix and match

Floors and walls with the same finish are history. This year, the interior design trend is to mix and match different objects, styles, and materials. To do so correctly, we have to consider the final effect we want to create and how to adapt the variety of styles to our taste. Making an intelligent and ingenious selection is vital in the art of mixing and matching.

Balance is the secret of mixing and matching. An effective combination of colors and textures can completely change the look of a dull space. It is advisable to combine shades within the same color palette, but variety is vital to the art of mixing and matching.

The 2022 interior design trend makes decorating a playful but still artful activity. The goal is to transform your home with subtle details that will give it a fresh and elegant look. It’s all about creating a harmonious result using the contrasting elements that set the interior design trend 2022.

Rustic room with nice bed and bricks and overall vintage look

Katarzyna Bialasiewicz – Canva

2. Eclectic trends 

Be it Oriental, Nordic, minimalist, ethnic, or industrial, the possibilities in the art of mixing and matching include combining colors on walls and furniture and contrasting intense tones such as red or yellow with other more neutral or classic colors such as white or black.

This year, luxurious and elegant elements such as velvet, crystals, cotton, silk, or marble, among others, will be essential to enhance every corner of our home. Cement floors are combined with hydraulic or ceramic tile patterns simulating parquet, and walls become fun with embossed graphics that break up the uniformity of smooth surfaces. Nevertheless, Scandinavian designs full of white and neutral tones will always be in fashion.

Nordic living room with trending sofas
My Scandinavian Home – Pinterest

3. Natural elements

We live surrounded by technology, so our home should be connected to nature. Biophilic design involves bringing the outdoors indoors through natural and organic materials. One way to do this is by including plants and elements made of wood, stone, cotton, and raffia. These rich, soft components will bring the influence of nature indoors. Aromatic plants and indoor trees will be more popular than ever in 2022, but many classic plants will also stay in fashion.

Trending Organic living room with natural elements
Mil – Pinterest

4. Eco-friendly

All interior design trends for 2022 focus on two main ideas that follow the same pattern: sustainability and establishing a relaxing atmosphere at home. The ecological crisis we live in makes us value more and more products respectful with the planet. Sustainable interior design represents a perfect duality between aesthetics and the well-being of the planet.

One of the basic guidelines of green interior design is to select materials considering their durability, subsequent use, and impact on the environment once they are discarded.

Sustainability adds to interior design a conception of long-term use, based on the use of durable, eco-friendly materials, all crafted in a way that generates the least possible impact on the environment and its inhabitants.

Wood, natural fibers, and textiles made of pure linen, cotton, or bamboo are excellent for interior design trends 2022.

Eco friendly white living room as a 2022 interior design trend
Mil – Pinterest

5. Green palette

The green palette will reign in the interior design trends 2022. Nature comes indoors with all shades of green, blue and brown. Use all tones of green in upholstery, curtains, or to paint the walls. A serene and fresh effect is assured, especially if you opt for softer tones. You don’t have to avoid intense shades, but applying them sparingly so as not to overload the room is advisable. Remember that sometimes, less is more, as we mention in our article on “Decorating a long living room.”

Green living room that is a decoration trend for 2022

6. Neutral shades

Warm minimalism prevails in the interior design trends 2022. This year, the quest for well-being at home will be the main focus. Neutral tones are always essential when we want a relaxing effect, and they never go out of fashion. To not overload spaces, we recommend balancing the colors of furniture and walls, blending neutral palettes, and highlighting specific furniture elements to make a visual center point.

2022 Interior design Living room with natural shades and colors

7. Vintage Style

In the interior design trends 2022, there is a return to the seventies and nineties. Small details that transport us to golden eras of design are presented in furniture, lamps, and wall coverings, thus rekindling this style by combining it with contemporary lines.

The retro vintage style emphasizes bright colors, rounded shapes, and the mixing and matching of different materials in furniture. Leather, vinyl, sheep’s wool, and, above all, velvet are the most popular textures in the interior design trends 2022.

Recycled furniture, second-hand market finds, folk art, and retro pieces coexist nicely in these new decorating trends, bringing contrasting textures and lots of patterns and colors. Aged-looking objects bring texture and personality to the room. It’s all about bringing out the beauty of the old and giving your home a retro touch.

Vintage style house that is a trend in 2022
Living room made of recycled furniture

8. Curved designs

Curved lines will have an incredible impact on interior design trends in 2022. Curves break the rigidity of straight lines in walls, floors, and even furniture and accessories. They provide a sense of fluidity and tranquility in spaces where calm and relaxation are welcome. They will also dominate subtle architectural rounded details in furniture, cabinetry, and walls. Therefore, curved or entirely rounded furniture and elements will stay throughout 2022 in interior design.

Living room that is curved designed

2022 Bright trendy living room with white floor


Spending more time indoors due to the pandemic has caused us to reflect on our home. The goal now is to decorate our home in a way that fills us with life.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to refresh every space in your home with the 2022 interior design trends that will give it a lively, sophisticated, and stylish look.

Hi, I'm Kathy!

Hi, I'm Kathy!

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