Modern beach house

Are you a sea lover and dream of building or redecorating your beach house? This article provides information and images that will inspire you to flood your modern beach house with style and comfort. Take a look at the following modern beach house decorating recommendations; we are sure you will love more than one.

Intercoastal beach house

Types of modern beach houses

We can find tiny single-story beach houses or luxurious multi-story coastal properties. Whatever the dimensions, a modern beach house has sharp finishes, straight lines, and a monochromatic neutral color palette with hints of blues, yellows, and browns. A modern beach house provides incredible quality of life. Space, light, and close contact with the ocean are the main features of a modern beach house. However, you can find small, modern beach bungalows with comfortable facilities for a dream getaway.

Beach house in Portugal

Sitting on top of a hill and hostile terrain, this modern beach house on a cliff in Portugal has a privileged view of a fascinating landscape.Beach house front in Colombia

One-story beach house with well-defined spaces, natural-looking elements, and white walls to give more light to the interiors and provide a sense of calm and peace to all rooms. This beach house has the necessary spaces for living comfortably: kitchen, living area, bathroom, and bedroom. Coastal Bungalow

Small modern beach bungalow on stilts protected from any sea level rise. Panoramic view from Beach house with black and white decor

Stunning sunset from the panoramic windows of this modern coastal house.

Materials for modern beach house

To minimize the effects of the saline environment, we need to use anti-corrosive elements such as galvanized coating, metal roofing, glass windows and doors, treated wood, concrete, and stucco. We will use wood-like coatings, granite, marble, and cement for floors and walls. Outdoor furniture should also be weather resistant.

Colors and accessories

White is a classic in both the exterior and interior of beach houses. Neutral colors and natural fabrics will never go out of style. The space is enriched with different textures and color accents in the decor and furnishings. Interiors that go for a soft monochromatic trend are perfect for maintaining a serene and relaxed atmosphere all year round. 

By using a neutral palette with light black accents, interiors take on a sophisticated aesthetic for a beach house where you want to avoid the sailor style so overused in coastal homes. However, you can opt for subtle nautical elements in the children’s bedrooms to illustrate the home’s setting.

Oceanfront design

The ocean view is the priority in the design of a beach house. However, the beach house can be located on the coast or in a wooded and rustic coastal area. In either case, the design of the beach house has many similarities and is based on creating large spaces open to the most spectacular views. In general, all types of beach houses have light colors, large terraces, and large windows in common.

Luxury beach house

Oceanfront modern beach house design.

Forest view design

A beach house in a wooded area allows for beautiful designs with slopes. The large windows are also protagonists in this type of structure. 

Huge beach house in Carilo

This stunning modern beach house overlooks the forest reserve, enhancing the visuals and taking in the beautiful outdoor environment. The contemporary design confirms that modern architecture can fit in and blend beautifully with nature.

Beach house in the woods

The natural swimming pool blends beautifully with Mother Nature.


Modern beach house designs with oceanfront terraces make excellent sunbathing areas and are comfortable places to relax and spend time with family and guests. Upper terraces are generally framed with glass railings to allow a view of the ocean. The view from a terrace, deck, or balcony on a second level would be unbeatable.

Beach house with ocean views

The oceanfront terrace glass railing allows the view to reach the blue horizon.  Glass, iron, and wood contribute to low maintenance and adaptability to the environment.

Beach house terrace

Cozy wooden furniture with white cushions on a large deck that links the residence to the beach.


It will always be easier to build a modern pool at ground level. But when you consider having it at a higher level, an infinity pool towards the sea will make you soar. There are designs for all tastes; round pools, square pools, rectangular pools, organic shapes, infinity pools, you name it. 

Natural pools are the ultimate design for homes, hotels, and recreational centers. These pools require less maintenance and do not use chemicals to keep them clean. They clean themselves through a biological filter and aquatic plants that maintain water quality and transparency throughout the year.

Beach house infinite pool with sea view

Swimming pool waterfront beach house

Pool in terrace at a beach house

Swimming pools are a great attraction on the beach house facades. Although the ocean is an eye-catching feature par excellence, the pool will always be a favorite area for socializing.

Interior design for a modern beach house

The common areas inside a modern beach house should maintain an open, luminous, and spacious design. This trend applies to all the rooms of the house. The interior of our beach house should invite us to experience complete enjoyment and relaxation. We should seek to create a fresh and calm atmosphere with casual elegance. The chromatic range covers a range of sand and brown tones that emphasize the feeling of a beach house. The furniture and accents should maintain a serene and harmonious composition. It is very important to keep the focal point on the landscape since the view of the sea is a fundamental part of the decoration.

Living room in beach house with sea view

Lounge area with stunning bay window overlooking the sea. Charm in the decor and furnishings using a neutral palette. Beach house with bright and big windows

A sunlight orientation allows the construction of large windows to take advantage of as much natural light as possible. Beach house with glass roof

The glass roof creates a sizeable window-like opening in this large living room. The space opens up and allows the views to flood the interior. Sofa with blue and white decor

Blues and whites are the main colors in this sitting area. Accents with a casual coastal style combine with soft shades of beige and green to create a peaceful setting. Bedroom with sea view

Taste for detail and a beach-inspired color palette give this bedroom a sophisticated look. The sand-colored wall, the reed blinds, and a modern blue and white blanket invite you to rest. The bedside table and cushions give the bedroom a touch of color and style. Warm rustic bathroom

Rustic bathrooms can be modern, warm, and elegant. Open concept kitchen

This beach house was built with a clear purpose in mind: to enjoy the breathtaking ocean views all day long. And of course, the family gathering place in this fantastic open kitchen linked to the dining table overlooking the sea. open kitchen carilo

The open kitchen and dining room designed for social use create a wider visual scope and enhance the overall design of this modern beach house with a view of the forest. 


There is something special about a beach house. The sea, the sand, and the vegetation provide us with a beautiful environment where we can find tranquility and a restful atmosphere. 

At Kathryn Interiors, we design your beach house with a taste of the sea where elegance and comfort are assured.

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Hi, I'm Kathy!

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