Miami Kitchen Design

We provide kitchen design in Miami – distinguished by outstanding personalized design and an unsurpassed client experience.


Our team has the skills and experience doing kitchen design in Miami and managing every aspect of your project, making the process efficient and enjoyable. We collaborate with you to produce a kitchen tailor-made for you – because it is.

Why choose us?

Because we can make your dream custom kitchen design a reality

One of the advantages of working with Kathryn interiors on your custom kitchen design is being able to see your proposed design options in 3D before construction starts. Our 3D renderings enable you to view options side by side, and our clients find it an invaluable tool. Working with our kitchen remodeling Miami team can help you navigate the process and avoid expensive pitfalls. It can sometimes cost a little bit more, but as Red Adair once said, “If you think it is expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait till you hire an amateur.”

Kitchen Design Process

As your Miami kitchen designer, Kathryn Interiors is present at every stage of the project to ensure quality and service. Our goal is to create elegant kitchen designs that elevate your living experience to the highest levels of comfort and sophistication. We combine aesthetics and functionality with exquisite hand-crafted design. Each Miami kitchen design is made with extraordinary high-end materials. When we design a custom kitchen, there is no substitute for the advantages of handmade crafts. The materials give countertops and kitchen cabinets a new look and finish to perfectly match your decor. Every aspect of a custom furniture design can be personalized.

Cooking up the perfect kitchen design

In kitchen design, our projects tend to fall into two categories:

  1.     A redesign, involving updating surfaces and finishes, but keeping the existing footprint.
  2.     A complete remodel, consisting of new cabinets, counters, and appliances, which can include moving walls, electrical, and plumbing.


No matter which category your kitchen project falls into, the important thing is to make sure that your kitchen functions in the best way for you. In our kitchen designs, we follow NKBA guidelines for all our kitchens, allowing for creative layouts while maximizing safety and function. 

Traditional Kitchen in White